Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plum Jam

I have a plum tree in my backyard which is dropping plums by the bagful. This year I decided to try out making plum jam and it is my first attempt at making any kind of jam. So pretty thrilled that it came out so well.


2 cups plums chopped, pitted and peeled
2 cups sugar (Add more according to your taste)


Pit the plums, peel and chop them .

Take 2 cups chopped plum and squeeze a little bit of lemon juice.

Cook the plums in a nonstick vessel for about 20 odd minutes on medium heat. Keep stirring.

Add the sugar and cook until it thickens to a jelly like consistency.

Take off from gas and allow to cool.

Bottle the jam into sterilized jars and enjoy.

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